7 Октября 2015

Ecological safety of LOGICROOF membranes is proved by SINTEF Group

SINTEF, an independent Scandinavian international research institute with a worldwide reputation, tested the LOGICROOF PVC membranes for ecological safety. The tests have shown that the product of the Russian company TechnoNICOL fully complies with the European environmental standards.


The news:

The conclusions of SINTEF experts have a worldwide reputation. Every year the organization laboratories conduct independent researches for more than 2,000 companies from all over Europe. This year the Russian company TechnoNICOL joined the ranks of these companies. Samples of LOGICROOF roofing polymer membrane were tested for the content of hazardous substances, including phthalates and heavy metals, banned in Europe because of their harmful effects on human health and the environment.

It is not a secret that environmental standards adopted in Europe exceed the legislation requirements of Russia and the CIS countries. In their production processes, the manufacturers in Russia and the CIS countries are allowed to use the plasticizers based on phthalates that are recognized as obsolete in Europe, as well as commercial heat stabilizers for PVC with heavy metal content. The research, conducted in June 2015 in the laboratories of SINTEF, confirmed complete absence of these dangerous substances in LOGICROOF polymeric membranes.

The product composition of the premium brand LOGICROOF includes plasticizer of the latest generation and the most up-to-date types of heat stabilizers. As a leader of the Russian market, the TechnoNICOL company monitors global trends and seeks to be the first to introduce the latest scientific developments in order to offer its customers the best solutions that are safe for their health and the environment.

Premium LOGICROOF polymeric membranes mean not only durability and reliability of the roofing, but also ecological safety for humans and the environment.

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