18 Января 2016

A wide margin of thick roof PVC membranes

The portfolio of the Russian company TechnoNICOL contains a wide range of PVC roofing membranes LOGICROOF and ECOPLAST 1.2 to 2.00 mm thick. Which one will suit your roof?


Membrane roofing is an ideal solution for waterproofing the objects of large area: shopping centers, logistics centers, and industrial buildings. Not so long ago, in 70s-80s, the European and American markets were filled with popular membranes 1.2 mm thick and thinner. But nowadays, according to an AMI Consulting study, more than 80% of PVC membranes sold in Europe have the thickness of 1.5 mm and more.

The reason for this was the understanding that the membrane of increased thickness has greater advantages in comparison with the standard thickness of 1.2 mm. Here are only three of them:

  1. It is stronger. The impact strength ratio of the membrane with increased thickness is higher and therefore, the roof would be better protected from the adverse impacts (personnel walking during installation and subsequent operation, mechanical damages during snow cleaning, wind loads, UV rays, etc.) Increase in the membrane thickness for 0.3 mm – from 1.2 mm to 1.5 mm – results in the 60% higher impact strength ratio: from 500 mm to 800 mm.
  2. It serves longer. The service life of the increased thickness membrane is longer. Experiments with the artificial aging of the PVC membrane samples, conducted by TechnoNICOL, showed a decrease in material thickness of 0.15 mm for every 10 conditional years. So an increase in membrane thickness for 0.3 mm adds the roofing another 20 years of operation.
  3. It provides a heat seal of higher quality. Due to a larger amount of polymer in the membrane with increased thickness, more material along the edge is used in the heat sealing process, providing a more reliable seal with other conditions being equal. It excludes “wafer” defects (the reinforcing mesh grinning through).

The TechnoNICOL experts compared the cost of roofing systems with membranes of different thickness, and concluded that the increase in membrane thickness of 25% – from 1.2 mm to 1.5 mm – leads to only 1% increase in the roofing pie cost. It's a mere trifle in comparison with so huge advantages, isn't it? 

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